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Creative Myths about your Company

Posted in Marketing,Startups by angel on the September 4th, 2008

Trevor Blackwell has an interesting post on how some companies generate creative myths for how they started their companies in order to generate publicity.

Ebay and the pez dispenser myth comes to mind as an example.

Business Lessons from Harry Houdini

Posted in General,Marketing by angel on the August 27th, 2007

Having read quite a bit about Harry Houdini while growing up I enjoyed 37 Signal’s post today discussing 5 Business Lessons from Harry Houdini. They include:

– Focus on the killer bit
When he started out, he was doing a bunch of tricks and escaping from handcuffs was just one in the batch. A vaudeville bigwig saw him do his act and told him that no one cared about any of the tricks except the handcuff escape. Houdini dropped the rest of the tricks, did a show that focused exclusively on escapes, and flew to stardom.

– Give ‘em a story
Houdini knew the aura of escape was just as important as the actual escape. So he always gave people something to talk about. He’d often stretch easy escapes into lengthy affairs in order to build tension. When he finally broke free, the crowd would erupt in cheers.

STD Marketing

Posted in Marketing by angel on the March 14th, 2007

Everyone would love to apply viral marketing to their concept. The problem is that getting an idea to become viral is extremely hard. It can’t be simply interesting or cool. It needs to be remarkable.

The term viral marketing is derived from a “virus” in the real world. And what is the best type of virus you can mimic online? According to David Hornik, it is an STD. The reason? Well, because there is something fun associated with it and it is highly contagious. If you have a concept that is fun and engaging and gives you incentive to get other people involved, it is likely you will have a viral concept.
And who are the best carriers for the virus? The most “active” people, of course. They are much more likely to spread it. So if a well read blogger gets ‘infected”, you are likely to have it spread to a much larger audience than you could ever reach by yourself.

So your goal is to try to come up with something so fun, exciting, and engaging that it will become contagious. And hopefully you can get in bed with some of the big bloggers.

New Advertising Format Follow Up

Posted in Marketing by angel on the February 21st, 2007

I posted previously regarding the fact that there are always new ideas out there. I used advertising as an example and pointed out how companies are now advertising on clothes hangers from dry cleaners. I

I just saw a bit about another form of new advertising that was pretty interesting.  It involves putting advertisements on egg-shellshere are going ideas out there. In fact, there are so many ideas out there, the tricky part is figuring out which ones to go after.