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Dignity and Professionalism are Overrated

Posted in General by angel on the January 16th, 2008

Paul Graham argues that Dignity and Professionalism are not only overrated, but they are actually deadly. Kathy from Creating Passionate Users summarizes a speech given by Paul Graham discussing this concept.

When you evolve out of start-up mode and start worrying about being professional and dignified, you only lose capabilities. You don’t add anything… you only take away. Dignity is deadly.

Fortunately, within our companies, we have been able to avoid a focus on being dignified and being perceived as professional. We have very modest offices, we don’t require ties or even business casual. Hats, sandals, and graphic tees are commonplace in the offices and no one was to worry about being especially cordial to one another (although respecting fellow employees is demanded). Passion is what is important. Being passionate about making sure every customer is taken care of and happy is valued. Making sure employees are happy and comfortable in their work environment is also important.

If am employee does something considered unprofessional such as telling a client about how they went out and got drunk this past weekend, it is not a cause to worry. But if they ever did anything that was not in the best interest of the client, that would result in a deserved ass-chewing or worse.

Passion creates action. Professionalism leads to timid people. Passion makes people do what they know is right. Professionalism makes people do what they think will be perceived as being right, regardless of whether or not it actually is.

Investment Checklist

Posted in Funding/Investing by angel on the January 4th, 2008

Will Price put together an investment checklist that he goes threw when considering an investment in a company. A great checklist for angel’s and VC’s.