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The Future of Startups – Paul Graham

Posted in Entrepreneur Advice,Startups by angel on the October 4th, 2007

Paul Graham has a great post about called the Future of Start-ups. He touches on a variety of topics including the fact that starting a company is much easier today than in the past.

My first prediction about the future of web startups is pretty straightforward: there will be a lot of them. When starting a startup was expensive, you had to get the permission of investors to do it.

He follows that up with this great little quote:

Now the only threshold you have to get over is whether you have the courage to.

Another great idea included in this is a concept I think most companies shoudl try to do, but few do it:

We often tell startups to release a minimal version one as soon as possible, then let the needs of their users tell them what to do next. In essense, let the market design the product.

Most start-ups don’t want to release until they have the perfect version of the product/software. The problem is that you don’t know what the perfect product/software is until you start getting feedback from the users.

And a final bit of advice which I also like:

Instead of going to venture capitalists with a business plan and trying to convince them to fund it, you can get a product launched on a few tens of thousands of dollars of seed money from us or your uncle, and approach them with a working company instead of a plan for one.

Most start-ups don’t think they can succeed without raising money. But it is a heck of a lot easier to get money if you have something to show. In addition, if you have something to show for it, you don’t have to give up as much in equity.