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Amex SWAG – Free iPhone

Posted in General by angel on the September 10th, 2007

I go to a lot of search engine marketing conferences and the exhibitors always have various swag. Some of them are neat, creative, or useful, but most are pretty worthless. Bloggers usually do a recap of the swag given away at the conferences and I have never really found much worth talking about. However, I attended the Inc 500 conference this past weekend and Amex gave away something that is deserving of a mention. They gave everyone a free iPhone. They didn’t even require you to go through much. It took me less than 3 minutes in total to give them my info and get my free iPhone. They even asked if I would like to get additional info from Amex and allowed you to decline.

This was done to help promote their new card – the Plum Card. Not only did they give away free iPhones, but they had a kick-ass party at the House of Blues. All I can say is “Well done, Amex. Well done.”